anchorWe all have times when life throws ‘Curve Balls’ at us. 

We all need someone to talk to. Sadly in todays culture many  no             longer have family locally.

Its great that social Networking creates an environment where we can communicate with our friends and family long distance. Sadly this too comes with its issues as misunderstandings occur.

A large percent of communication in relationships is non-verbal. When we read a        message online/ or text we cannot see the person’s body language or eye contact.

Counselling gives a safe, confidential environment to explore what is going on in the ‘Here and Now’ for you, and to look possibly whether your past is hindering how you are able to cope.

Counselling is not a ‘quick fix’ it takes time and there is no ‘magic wand’, but you set the goals and we work together towards them. How far you go is up to you, as the client.

There is no shame in needing someone to talk to, we all do.  Here at Anchor, as the name suggests it is a place, a safe harbour where you can hopefully find peace and calm as you negotiate what may be a turbulent time, or make sense of the past to help you in the present.

You can drop Anchor and hopefully find a more peaceful place.

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